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Introduction to Conversion Tracking

Conversion tracking is an essential part of advertising. By doing conversion tracking, you will be able to see how many sales, leads or installs you are getting from these campaigns and get an accurate picture of the profitability from ExoClick's traffic.

conversion stats

What are the advantages of conversion tracking?

Aside from being able to measure the responsiveness of the traffic and assess the revenue from your campaigns, conversion tracking also allows you to enable additional features that can help you optimize your campaigns:

  • Smart Bid: With conversion tracking, you can enable Smart Bid pricing model, which allows the system to optimize your bidding based on the profitability of the targeted traffic.
  • Bidder:: With conversion tracking, you can enable Automatic Bidding Optimization in your Bidder algorithms, as well as set up Blocking Rules based on conversions.
  • Variation Optimization: If you are running CPM campaigns, you can enable Variation Optimization so as to send the majority of traffic to the variation that generates the most conversions. This way you increase the user engagement and improve your exposure.

The steps on how to enable Conversion Tracking will be explained on the next page.