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Introduction for Advertisers


As an Advertiser, you can use the Admin Panel to set up advertising campaigns, view real-time statistics on every aspect of them, and take action to increase your revenues based on this detailed information.

Advantages of the Admin Panel for Advertisers:

  • Advanced targeting options to reach specific audiences for your products.
  • The ability to target the most effective times of day in the countries you are targeting.
  • Various pricing models to match your budget.
  • Real-time reporting - see your statistics at any time for an up-to-date assessment of your campaign performance.

Tabs of the Admin Panel for Advertisers:

  • The Dashboard shows you a real-time executive summary of key metrics that you can use to stay on top of your campaigns.
  • In the Statistics tab you can view more detailed statistics than the Dashboard, so that you can really drill down into your data to guide your strategic planning or diagnose problems.
  • In the Campaign tab you can set up and manage all aspects of your campaigns.
  • In the Payments tab you can manage payment for your account.
  • In the Marketplace tab you can view all of the sites available to you and buy advertising on them.