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My campaign got rejected. Why?

Most campaigns are approved and labelled shortly after they are created. However, if you don't follow our guidelines, your campaign will be rejected.

If this happens, you can find out the rejection reason by hovering over the "?" icon next to your campaign.


Any campaign (Pending Approval, Paused and Running) can be rejected at anytime. Campaigns are reviewed constantly 24/7 by our Compliance team.

Attempts to bypass our guidelines could result in your account being suspended or even closed. Please be make sure to monitor your campaign and its advertising materials, both during submission and while receiving traffic.

Below you will find a list of the most common rejection reasons.

Rejection reasons

Account Verification in progress. We will contact you within 24hrs

Used when a new or returning advertiser requires verification, but it's normally completed within 24hrs.

Wrong category selected

The materials you used are not suitable for the categories you selected

Banner/Landing Page contains or promotes an illegal/banned product

Certain products (e.g: alcohol, tobacco) are not allowed in our network.

Banners/LP not loading

There’s a technical problem in your variation or landing page, making them not visible to our Compliance team at the time of review.

Banner/LP not 18 U.S.C.2257 compliant

The models featured look too young and no disclaimer is visible on the banner or the landing page.

Banners showing a phone number must be CPM based

Site visitors would call the number without clicking the banner, therefore CPC is not allowed.

Campaign contains rapidly flashing/blinking banners

While we permit slow moving blinking/flashing banners and are labelled as such, faster blinking/flashing banners are not allowed.

You cannot use marketing material (images, branding, pages or texts) where we have received a DMCA claim to those materials or it's clear you do not have copyright.

HTML campaigns must be SSL compliant

Industry standard requirement for all HTML banners.

Landing page or product offered contains Malware

Repeated rejections for this reason may result in your account being suspended or closed. Please take such rejections very seriously!

No traffic available based on your targeting

If no traffic is received in your campaign after 30 days, it will be automatically rejected for this reason. Check your target settings to make sure you haven't selected any conflicting settings.

How can I get my campaign approved again?

If you need help with a campaign rejection, please contact our Compliance team and select "Campaign Review" here