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Campaign Targeting Limitations

Our campaign set up system has certain limitations you take into account to make sure you can manage your campaigns correctly:

  • Maximum number of variations per campaign: 50
  • Maximum number of Exchange variations per campaign: 1
  • Maximum number of VAST Link variations per campaign: 1
  • Maximum length of keyword term: 50 characters
  • Maximum amount of keywords per campaign: 50
  • Maximum amount of IPs per campaign: 1000
  • Maximum domains targeted per campaign: 1500
  • Maximum domains blocked per campaign: 2000
  • Maximum amount of zones targeted/blocked per campaign (with or without Bidder): 4000
  • Maximum active campaigns per account: 2500

We also have some limitations on bidding to ensure a fair competition between advertisers:

  • Maximum bid for all CPC campaigns: 1.5
  • Maximum CPM bid Video, Push and Popunder formats: 400
  • Maximum CPM bid for all other formats: 50

Lastly, we also have a weight limit on the materials you upload to your campaigns:

AssetSize Limit
Images under 1,000,000 pixels (Banner, Native, Push Notification)150 KB
Images over 1,000,000 pixels (Fullpage Interstitials)300 KB
Video Banners1536 KB
Video campaigns (In-Stream, Slider and Outstream)51200 KB