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How soon will you approve my campaigns?

ExoClick's Compliance team is available 24/7 for your convenience!

All elements of your campaigns are reviewed in chronological order and the speed is determined by the volume received at any given time.

Please be patient: we do our best to review them within 30 mins, although at busier times of the day it may be a little longer.

Note: We will not be able to process the following campaigns automatically:

  • Those that are currently Paused, as they do not appear in the approval queue until you set them to "Running".
  • Those that have been Rejected (unless they are Rejected for Account Verification, see below). Once you have corrected them, you will need to contact the Compliance team by selecting the "Campaign Review" from our contact form
  • When you are a new or returning advertiser. In these cases, additional verification checks are needed. During this process, your campaigns will be rejected for "Account Verification", but you don't have to provide any extra information (unless required by the Compliance team). Verification checks are normally done within 24hrs and you will be informed once the process is completed.
  • When your account has no funds. Once you have added funds, campaigns will automatically go into "Pending Approval".