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My campaign has labels. What does it mean?

Here at ExoClick we believe our advertisers should have the choice to promote any advertisement they wish, provided it remains within our guidelines.

The labelling system is designed to allow our publishers the right to choose what type of advertising they want on their websites and to filter out campaigns they do not wish to display.

Explaining the labels

Whenever you submit a campaign, our Compliance team will add labels based on the submitted creative(s) and what is displayed on the landing page(s) via the URL links. Here is a list of the most commonly blocked labels:

Animated Images

Label applied to banner creatives where the image contains animation and motion.


HTML/iframe banner ads.

Not SSL Compliant

Label applied to URLs that are not https and SSL compliant.

Back Button Offer

Applied to landing page offers that, when the user clicks back, they are redirected to another offer.

Entry JavaScript Message

Applied to URLs that feature an entry JavaScript prompt message.

Exit JavaScript Message

Applied to URLs that feature an exit JavaScript prompt message when attempting to close the page down.

Simple Images

Applied to banner creatives that contains only a plain image with no texts, buttons, logos.

Vertical Video

Applied to video ads where the dimensions of the video creative is vertical in size.

Misleading Branding

Applied to banner creatives and URLs that imitate the branding, logos and colour scheme of well known brands such as Facebook, Snapchat and Whatsapp.

High CTR Elements

Applied to creative materials that have design elements such as the following:

  • Layouts imitating chat boxes

  • Layouts imitating a person is online

  • Fake close/cancel buttons

  • Fake download/play buttons

  • Fake age verification messages

  • Fake animated mouse pointer/tap options

  • Fake pagination or other site navigation elements

  • Fake video players

  • "Watch Now" CTA buttons

What effect do labels have on my campaign?

If your variations contain labels that are blocked by a zone, then your campaign won't be able to run on that zone.

It could happen that a campaign has URLs or creatives with different labels (e.g: a banner campaign that has both "Animated" and "Simple" images). In that case, the variation that doesn't have the blocked label will still be able to receive traffic from the zone.

Note that this can have an impact on the Distribution algorithm you have selected in your campaign.

How can I see what labels my variations have?

You can find all the labels applied to your variations by clicking the Status tab from the Campaign Summary sidebar in your Campaign Settings:

In addition, you can inspect the labels of each creative and landing page by clicking the corresponding "View Details" icon:

How can I change the label of a variation?

If you think a label has been added by mistake or need more info about it, select "Campaign Review" from the Compliance form here