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My campaign has labels what does it mean?

Here at ExoClick, we believe our advertisers should have the choice in the advertising they wish to promote provided it remains within our guidelines, otherwise you may see your campaign in a rejected status.

The labelling system is designed to allow our publishers the right to select what type of advertising and associated campaign actions they want on their websites and to filter out campaigns they do not wish to appear on their sites.

What does this mean for you?

Whenever you submit a campaign, our Compliance team will add labels based on the submitted banner(s) and what is displayed on the landing page(s) via the URL links:

Animated Images

Label applied to banner creatives where the image contains animation and motion.


HTML/IFRAME banner ads.

Not SSL Compliant

Label applied to URL’s that is not https and SSL compliant.

Back Button Offer

Applied to landing page offers that when the user clicks back, they are redirected to another offer.

Uncommon TLD

Applied to URL’s that contain uncommon domain TLD’s such as .club .info and .xyz to mention three examples.

Entry JavaScript Message

Applied to URL’s that feature an entry Javascript prompt message.

Exit Javascript Message

Applied to URL’s that feature an exit Javascript prompt message when attempting to close the page down.

Explicit Content

Applied to banner creatives and URL’s that contains images and texts of an explicitly adult nature. This is includes full nudity, sexual acts and sexual wording.

Sexy Content

Applied to banner creatives and URL’s aimed at non adult mainstream sources where the content features no nudity but it still sexy in nature.

Simple Images

Applied to banner creatives that contains only a plain image with no texts, buttons, logos.

Special Content - BDSM/Fantasy

Applied to banner creatives and URL’s featuring BDSM, cartoon, and more extreme sexual contents.

Special Content - Teens

Applied to banner creatives and URL’s featuring +18 teen models.

Misleading Branding

Applied to banner creatives and URL’s that imitates the branding, logos and colour scheme of well known brands such as Facebook, Snapchat and Whatsapp.

TrafficJunky Network Rules

Your banner creatives may have this label applied to them where they don't meet TrafficJunky banner rules on their spots on our network. This will prevent the banner from running on TrafficJunky Banner ad zones. To continue buying traffic on these spots you will need to upload new creatives that are in keeping with the sites rules, which are:

  • No Misleading Branding
  • No creatives that contain rotating images where the images rotate faster than one image change per two seconds (Applied on Desktop NTV Ad placements only)
  • No creatives where the animation loops faster than every two seconds (for example no animated GIF/MP4 files that loops faster than two seconds. Avoid GIF/MP$ files files that are only one second in length)
  • No creatives that containing blinking or flashing elements/texts/borders faster than one every two seconds
  • No Disney Characters
  • Applied to banner creatives that contain “Watch Video” and “Go To Video” false call to action options.


Viewing labels applied to your campaign

As you can see from the screenshot above we give you full transparency of what labels have been applied and what impact this has on your campaign. Simply look for the campaign information panel on the right hand side and click "Status" section to see what labels have been applied and which ones.

If you think a label has been added in error or need more info about it, select "Campaign Review" from the Compliance form here