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In-Video: How to implement In-Video (VAST)

We introduced this format to offer publishers greater flexibility to show an ad at a specific moment during the video playback. You are able to configure different predefined parameters in 3 different sizes. 300x250, 468x60 & 728x90

Creating the ad zone

Step 1

First go to the “Sites & Zones” tab and click “New Zone

There is a drop down menu listing all your websites, select which one you want to place the in-stream ad zone.

Step 2

Click on the "Video" drop down menu and select "In-Video Banner (VAST) " ad click "NEXT"

Step 3

Your Site name will appear above the edit options, which you set in the previous steps.

Now you need to:

  • Name: personalise the ad zone name to suit your own needs (at least 5 characters long).

  • Category (default): this is automatically selected based on the category of the site you selected in the previous step.

  • Subcategory: Unless you need to restrict the advertising further, we recommend you leave this blank.

  • Format: Select from the dropdown between Rectangle, Banner or Leaderboard sizes

  • Vertical Alignment: - This gives you the option where to position the ad within the video. Choose between Top, Middle, or Bottom from the drop down menu.

  • Trigger type: Select between Pre-Roll (at the start of the video), Pause (when the video is paused), Post roll (at the end of the video), or custom.

  • Custom Trigger Delay: If you select "Custom" as your trigger, you can decide precisely when in the video stream to show the advert. Choose between setting seconds or a percentage of the video before the ad appears.

  • Show Ad: You also have the option to show the ad until the video ends, or the visitor closes it, or to hide the advert after a period of time.

Ad filtering

Once you've selected your specifications, you will see a section below called "Ads filtering" to understand this section please read the information here.


After selecting your specifications/filtering, click "Save and Preview".

Now select your HTML video player, this will provide you with the VAST tag. This should be added to the body of your website.

Note: Please check with your Video Player provider, for any additional steps that may be required to ensure the tag works correctly.

Additional assistance

If after checking with your video player provider, you still have implementation questions, please feel free to contact our Customer Success team, selecting "Technical Issues" here.