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Popunders: Trigger options for popunder ad zones

We now give you options to select the manner in which a popunder is triggered within your website(s).

There are 3 options to trigger the popunder on your site when a viewer enters, and they are:

Clicking anywhere on the page

By selecting this option, you want a pop-under to trigger when clicking anywhere on the page, meaning it doesn't have to be a clickable element. It will trigger when clicking on a video, empty space, or a link.

By selecting this option, you are only wanting a pop under to trigger when a link is clicked on your web page. e.g, to a video. This option will be selected by default when creating the zone.

Clicking on a specific class

Perhaps you only want the pop under to trigger for a specific group of links within your web page. These "class" of links can be added in the "Trigger class(es)" box that appears when you select this option. So, as an example the class "alinks" can be used and if you check the page view source code you will see it triggers a pop under for the class="alinks" but not on other classes. The end result is that only one link will generate a pop under and the other does not as it's in a different class.

Need help?

Should you need more info or assistance with this feature please contact our Compliance team here.