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Push Notifications: Using push notifications from multiple networks

You can integrate ExoClick’s push notifications even if you have already configured your site with another push notification provider. By doing this, you can expand your options to monetize your push notification traffic. While the traffic will still be sent under ExoClick's domain, you can then re-direct this traffic to the push network of your choice. In this tutorial, we will explain how to seamlessly integrate ExoClick’s push notifications without affecting push notifications from other networks.

How to implement push notifications from multiple networks

In your Admin Panel, go to "Sites & Zones", then "New Zone". Select "Push Notification" and click "Next".

If you want to use other networks you will have select the Hosted method when creating the push zone. You can choose all the other settings:

Copy-paste the provided code into your website within the <body> tags.

Once you have set the code in the page, the subscription message will appear to the end user as a popup window, even if you have another push notification provider configured on your website. That is how both systems can work for you together on your website.

How will the end user see the opt in message?

ExoClick’s message will first appear as a popup window (we call it a Soft-ask box) asking the end user if he wishes to receive push notifications. The default subscription message is automatically translated into the user’s language. You can also use your custom sign up message. The user is given the option of "No, thanks" and "Allow."

After the user clicks "Allow" a second popup window appears asking them to "Allow" or "Block" the messages. One more click on "Allow" ensures they will receive the push notifications.

Note: Within the first Soft-Ask box, if a user clicks the "No thanks" box, he will be automatically retargeted again in 2 days time. If the user clicks the "Block" button on the second pop up window, he will never be targeted again.

Even though the Soft-prompt sign up method is a great way to combine push notification subscriptions on several networks, we strongly recommend to use the direct link subscription which has higher subscription rate. See how to implement the direct subscription in this FAQ.