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In-Stream: Compatible VAST Wrapper Players

As explained in In-Stream: How to implement In-Stream Part 1 - Setting up the Ad zone the Wrapper element is the code below in between . It will point to a secondary ad server where the ad and the other VAST elements are placed.

This basically means that the VAST file will look like this:

VAST Wrapper Coding Example:

<VAST version="3.0">
<Ad id="1">
<AdSystem>Sample Ad Wrapper</AdSystem>

<Creative sequence="1" id="1">
<Linear skipoffset="00:00::05">
<Tracking event="progress" offset="00:00:10.000"><![CDATA[]]>

You must ensure that the player you are using to display ads is Wrapper compatible, meaning that it can get and read the content within the wrapper tag.

The players listed in In-Stream: How to implement In-Stream Part 2 - Implementation examples are 100% VAST compatible with our ads, which means that they will also work for Wrapper VAST tags.

The players are:

The code shared is just to guide you and is not guaranteed that it will work as it is. Please check also the links provided in order to check the status of the player and how to integrate VAST ad tags properly in each case.

Steps to follow VAST Wrapper incompatibilities:

  1. Check the Player with a test wrapper zone:
  1. If it is not compatible:

If you are unable to update or to change the Player:

Disable VAST Tag campaigns on zone level (enabled by default).

The main reason for doing this is if you are using an incompatible Player your ads will be displayed, but no impressions or views will be counted. This would be misleading for our advertisers and they might stop targeting your ad zone causing a negative impact on your revenues.