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In-Stream: Compatible VAST Wrapper Players

In-Stream ad zones can serve two types of VAST elements: Inline and Wrapper. While an Inline element is your regular Video advertisement serving a standard video file, a Wrapper element contains a redirection to an external VAST tag, which in turn can also serve other Inline or Wrapper elements.

The most distinctive component is the VASTAdTagURI , which specifies the external VAST which this ad is redirecting to:

<VAST version="3.0">
<Ad id="1">
<AdSystem>Sample Ad Wrapper</AdSystem>
<Creative sequence="1" id="1">
<Linear skipoffset="00:00::05">
<Tracking event="progress" offset="00:00:10.000"><![CDATA[]]>

In order to be able to monetize your traffic with these campaigns, you must ensure that the player you are using to display ads is Wrapper compatible, meaning that it can get and read the content within the wrapper tag.

The players listed in In-Stream: How to implement In-Stream Part 2 - Implementation examples are 100% VAST compatible with our ads, meaning they will also work for Wrapper VAST tags:

If you are not using any of the players listed above, please add the following test VAST tag to your player in order to test the player's Wrapper compatibility:

This VAST tag is designed to always serve a Wrapper element. If your player cannot display this element, then consider updating or changing your player. If you are unable to change your player, then make sure to disable VAST Wrapper support of all your In-Stream ad zones.

By doing this, your In-Stream ad zones will not display any Wrapper elements, thus avoiding any issues on In-Stream ad serving and making sure your traffic can be monetized.