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Blocking Ad types and products

You may need, for compliance or business reasons, to block certain advertising from your ad zones. We give you complete freedom to do this, below we show you how!

From your dashboard select Sites and Zones > List.

Then click the adzone editor icon.

You are then taken to ad zone page where you can edit information. Scroll down to the Ad Filtering section.

Note: Some ad formats are automatically compliant or restricted so some options described below maybe not be visible/needed when creating your own ad zone.

Block Ad Types

Whether it's personal choice or an essential requirement to work with us, we give you here options to block certain ad behaviour or specific target audiences simply click the white box for a list of options.

Block Specific Products

Maybe for personal reasons or local legal requirements, you do not want certain advertising products shown on your website(s). By clicking the white box you will see the product groups we categorise all our advertising. Select any that you wish not be seen on your site.

Note: When adding blocks remember you are also restricting revenue potential, we strongly advise you only block where necessary. You can add or remove blocks at anytime should it be necessary.

You should read additional information here to determine what if any blocks you should consider.

For Compliance related questions in regards to Ad's filtering, please contact our Compliance team selecting "Website Review" here.