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My website was rejected why?

Each site is checked individually by our Compliance Team to ensure it meets our guidelines.

When clicking "Sites & zones" in your admin panel you will see the reason for the rejection.

Below you will find more info for each of the rejection reasons we use:

Adult site not 18 U.S.C. 2257 compliant

When reviewing your submitted website, it did not comply with this internationally recognised rule (18 U.S.C. 2257 compliant). Your content was considered not suitable and in breach of our guidelines.

Free/shared hosting domains are not accepted

Sites such as "Blogspot" are difficult to monetise and are not very appealing to our advertising clients. In addition when we did accept them, publishers were not satisfied with the level of revenue. For these reasons, we no longer accept these type of websites.

Incentive ads are not permitted (PTC, PTR, etc…)

Any website design elements that encourage artificially generated impressions or clicks by for example, misleading site viewers to click on a banner in order to induce clicks, is not permitted.

Insufficient content or site unavailable

There should be enough visible content on your submitted website that will appeal to our advertisers. Little or no content will result in minimal revenue and it would be difficult for publishers to reach even the minimum payment limit.

Malicious or illegal content detected

When reviewing your site if any compliance issues are detected for example, the site is blocked by Google Safe Browsing , then the website will instantly be rejected!

Too many ad zones for your site content

If for example you add 25 banner ad zones yet there is only a couple of pages to your site, this will not be appealing to your site visitors. It will also generate complaints from our advertisers. The result is no or low earnings!! Look to balance the amount of advertising with the volume of content on your site, and spread the ad zones across your entire site!

Traffic quality too low

It maybe that after approving your website, we get complaints from multiple advertisers that your site is not generating conversions for them. Each complaint will be investigated by our Compliance Team, and it maybe that they need to reject your website using this reason.

Wrong category for the content of your site

It's critical to avoid complaints that your website matches the correct category you select, when adding it to your Admin Panel. If your website contains clear adult content but you select "Entertainment & Lifestyle" then the website will be rejected!

Our Manga & anime category is additionally for non adult websites, featuring Manga and anime contents.

Note: Approved websites can still be rejected at anytime. Our Compliance Team constantly review site content and if a breach of our guidelines is discovered your website maybe rejected!

For additional help with your website approval/rejection please use our Compliance contact form and select the reason "Website review" here. They will be happy to assist you further.