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Set the right subcategory for your traffic

An important aspect about traffic monetization is category labeling. Advertisers will set up higher bids on specific niches of traffic that will yield them better results, so in order to increase your CPMs it is important that you present your traffic under the right category.

There are three different ways to label your traffic:

  • Through your ad zone settings.

When you create a zone, you can determine the specific subcategory of the traffic that will be sent through the zone.


  • Through your tags.

When you put the ad zone into your site, you can also add specific tags in the code in order to narrow down the type of content you offer. If you use tags that match one of the available subcategories, your traffic will be associated to that subcategory. This way, you can dynamically specify the subcategory of your website without having to limit your ad zone to just that subcategory.

You can find some suggestions on how to achieve this in our blog.

  • Through URL detection matches.

The ad zone code is able to detect some terms from the URL where it is located. Some of these keywords are associated to one or several subcategories we have on the platform. If there is a match, we will label the traffic under the corresponding subcategory.

These ways of determining the subcategory are organized from most to least important, meaning that the tags in your ad zone will have priority over the URL detection and the subcategory from your ad zone settings in the Admin Panel will have priority over anything else.