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Tips to increase your earnings

We want you to get the best possible earnings based on the traffic you provide us. Below you will find several tips to help you scale up your earnings.

Ad zone placement

Ad zones with high visibility have better performance because advertisers are interested in displaying their ads where there is more user engagement. Therefore, knowing where to position your ads is critical to have good revenues.

While each ad format has its own strategies for getting the most exposure, there are some general rules all publishers should bear in mind when designing the website layout and allocating the corresponding ad space:

a) Always try placing your ads above the fold for better revenues. An ad above the fold does not require page scrolling to be displayed, meaning that it will be one of the first elements to be displayed once the page is loaded.

b) When running a tube site (or any site that focuses on video), consider placing ads around and in the video as they tend to have more focus than other ads on the website. For in-video ads, you can choose whether to use a regular banner ad zone code or use our VAST code, in case your player is VAST compatible.

c) When listing your thumbnails, consider placing ads within your listings and adapting the ads to your website styling so that they do not stand out as obvious advertising. This can be achieved through different ways: the most common one is by creating a Recommendation Widget and using the Layout options to imitate your website CSS. You can also use the Custom CSS option to add your own styling rules, more information about this in this blog post.

d) Lastly, try assigning different content subcategories to each of your ad zones so as to showcase a wider diversity of ad products. You can achieve this through the various ad zone settings we offer: either by specifying the subcategory or by blocking specific products so as to avoid showing always the same. Alternatively, you can also fetch your page keywords so as to give advertisers an idea of what content is displayed on that specific page. You can find more details about keywords in our blog

A site with a large amount of quality content and the right proportion of advertising will be more effective than just a placeholder site for ads. Excessive advertising can actually have the opposite effect in your eCPM, so make sure that there is a balance between content and advertising. Remember that we favour traffic quality over quantity

Responsive advertising

The majority of our ad zones can be displayed on both Desktop and Mobile. Depending on your website layout, you might be interested in displaying a specific ad format based on the device used to access your site, or you might want to filter the device traffic through specific zone IDs.

If you are using our multi-format code, this should no longer be necessary as our multi-format code will display the campaign that yields the highest revenue to you (more details in this blog post) However, if you would still prefer to specify the ad shown in specific environments, our scripts and iframe codes should be compatible with custom integrations in the majority of cases.

For example, you can add a responsive script library (like Jquery) to help you detect the device environment and determine which popunder should be shown, as in the example below:

<script type="text/javascript">
var ad_idzone;
window.onload = function(e) {
if ("function" === typeof MobileDetect) {
var detector = (new MobileDetect(window.navigator.userAgent));

if ( {
// Mobile device, including tablets
ad_idzone = "AAAAAAAAA";
// Desktop device
ad_idzone = "BBBBBBBB";
ad_popup_fallback = false,
ad_popup_force = false,
ad_chrome_enabled = true,
ad_new_tab = false,
ad_frequency_period = 5,
ad_frequency_count = 1,
ad_trigger_method = 2,
ad_trigger_class = "trigger";

var s = document.createElement("script");
s.type = "text/javascript";
s.src = "";

Ad Block traffic

Adblockers are a common utility used by the majority of online users. However, this does not mean that you cannot monetize this traffic. If you have already received a payment from us, you can use our anti-ad block solution NeverBlock. This solution will help to prevent your ad zones from being blocked and minimise revenue loss.

Visit the website now for more info and use the contact form to get access and increase the impressions you receive. The difference is immediately noticeable once you have implemented the solution.

Page loading speed

A crucial aspect for a good SEO is to have a fast page load speed. While Exoclick is trying its best to optimize its ad zone codes and minimize the impact on page load speed, you should review all the JS, files and functions loaded in your site to make sure none of them drag down its performance. You can use tools such as Google Page Insights or Pingdom to assess your current load speed.

A fast loading speed does not only have a positive impact on your SEO, but also reduces the chances of experiencing timeouts or other unexpected errors that might prevent your ads from loading.