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Publishers RTB Overview

RTB integration

Find out about integration with Open RTB and ExoClick RTB here:

Bid Request/Response Structure:

Bid Request/Response Specifications are here:

Bid Request/Response Examples:

Bid Request/Response Examples are here:

The IP networks used by ExoClick RTB are detailed here:

Key points

  1. Open RTB standards version 2.4 is supported, however, the ADM is different from the standards. If the client supports Open RTB, they need to ensure that they adapt their ADM to ours.

  2. If the client supports XML, they need to provide ExoClick with their RTB specifications and they will need to adapt their system to ours.

  3. ExoClick RTB servers are present in multiple datacenters across North America, Europe and Asia. Normally, the requests of a certain geo will be sent from the nearest server, but not always. The system distributes the requests from one server to another depending on the workload of the server at any given moment. For this reason, it is not possible to direct the traffic through one server location exclusively.

  4. The 'tmax' (the maximum time in milliseconds that SSP allows for bids to be received to avoid timeout) is 300ms. This information is not passed at the request as its always the same.

  5. Currency is not passed either at the requests with RTB Floor CPM 0, as the currency is set up at the account level. If the advertiser requests the currency to be passed at the request, a very low RTB Floor CPM should be set.

  6. The total amount of requests will depend on the format, geo, categories selected and RTB Manual Throttle set up. Publishers will have an RTB Automatic throttle switch on the zone level to reduce queries and thus server cost. This is mostly be enabled on zones which are not generating revenue in certain geos. In this case, the automatic throttle will temporarily reduce the requests to 1%. When the Revenue raises and zone starts generating profit again on those Geo, the throttle will be automatically increased.