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ExoClick RTB Bid Response Specifications

The following page describes the responses you should expect to receive from ExoClick RTB requests:

Bid Response Object

The ExoClick RTB Bid Response is done using JSON and XML.

idID of the object to which this bid applies (string)
imgUrlImage url (only for type banner) (string)
iconUrlIcon url (only for type push_notification and must be of requested dimensions) (string)
clickUrlForward url when campaign is clicked (for type banner or push_notification) (string)
nUrlWin notification URL (string)
urlForward url when campaign is clicked (only for type popunder) (string)
titleTitle of the ad (only for type push_notification) (string)
descriptionDescription of the ad (only for type push_notification) (string)
valueBid price in CPM (float)
btypePricing Model. Values: 1 = CPM, 2 = CPC. Default = 1 (int). When response is for an Email Clicks zone request, 1 = Smart CPC.


  • "id" attribute should match the "id" received in the request.

  • Push Notification ad format may receive bids with the CPC pricing model. Direct Link format may also when used for Email Click zone requests.

Win Notification

When the parameter Bid Response Object > nUrl is in the bid response, a GET request must be performed to such URL.