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ExoClick RTB Integration for Publishers

This documentation explains how partners can integrate their platforms with ExoClick using the ExoClick template to sell their traffic.

Bid Request/Response Specifications


  • We allow one bid per request only.
  • The bid price can be either CPM or CPC-based on exchange configuration
  • The currency of the bid price will be the currency of your ExoClick account (EUR or USD)

Supported ad types

  • Banner: Image
  • Direct Link
  • Email Clicks
  • Popunder
  • Push Notifications: 720 x 480 and 192 x 192

Best Practices

  • One of the simplest and most effective ways of improving connection performance is to enable HTTP Persistent Connections, also known as 'Keep-Alive'. This has a profound impact on overall performance by reducing connection management overhead as well as CPU utilization on both sides of the interface.
  • The ExoClick RTB specifications do not cover security other than recommending plain HTTP for performance reasons.