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ExoClick RTB Bid Request Specifications

The ExoClick RTB Bid Request is done using JSON for POST and a URL for GET. XML requests are not allowed for POST.

Bid Request Headers

  • ExoClick RTB Version HTTP Header: x-exadsrtb-version: 1.0
  • Keep-Alive HTTP Header: Connection: Keep-Alive
  • Content JSON: Content-Type: application/json
  • Data Encoding Header: Accept-Encoding

Bid Request Object

idYesUnique bid request ID (string)
ipYesIP address of the user (string)
languageYesBrowser language using ISO-639-1-alpha-2 (string)
remove_addrNoMain IP address of the user (string)
x_forwarded_forNoX-FORWARDED-FOR IP address of the user or empty if not set (string)
typeYesRequest type. Can be “banner”, “popunder”, "direct_link", "email_click"*, “push_notification” or "in_page_push_notification" (string)
uaYesBrowser user agent (string)
urlYesFull URL of the page where the ad will be shown (string)
user_idYesUnique user ID (string)
subNoThis should be a number between six and ten digits: Do not use zeroes at the beginning of Sub IDs.
exportYesResponse type. Can be "json" or "xml" (string)
keywordNoKeywords can be used to ensure ad zones get the right type of advertising. Keywords should be a string of comma-separated words.
sizeRequired for banner**Publisher ad type size (string)
elNoBase64 Encoded Email. Available only for Email Clicks and Direct Link (string)


*"email_click" as a type needs to be specified only in GET requests.

**In Push requests, if size is omitted, the default value will be 192x192 for backwards compatibility