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Open RTB Bid Response Specifications

The response for a bid request will have the following structure:

Bid Response Object

idYesID of the bid request (string)
seatbidYesCollection of bids made by the bidder on behalf of a specific seat.


bidYesID of the impression object to which this bid applies (string)

idYesID for the bid object chosen by the bidder (string)
impidYesID of the impression object to which this bid applies (string)
priceYesBid price in CPM or CPC (float)
admYesExoClick XML/JSON Ad Markup (string)
nurlYesWin notification URL
cidNoCampaign ID to assist with ad quality checking (string)
cridNoCreative ID to assist with ad quality checking (string)
extNoExoClick specific extension (object)

Note:The nURL must be notified in order to ensure campaign capping and avoid getting the same response every time.

btypeRecommendedPricing Model. Values: 1 = CPM, 2 = CPC*. Default = 1 (int). Note: When response is for an Email Clicks zone request, 1 = Smart CPC.

Note: Only Push Notification and Native ad formats may bid with the CPC pricing model.

Win Notification

When the parameter Bid Response Object > Seat Bid Object > Bid Object > nurl is in the bid response, a GET request must be performed to such URL.


You can find detailed examples of the Responses you can receive in the example page.