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ExoClick RTB Bid Response Specifications

The ExoClick RTB Bid Response can be done using JSON and XML. The response for a bid request should have the following structure:

Bid Response Object

idID of the impression object to which this bid applies (string)
imgUrlImage url (only for type banner)
iconUrlIcon url (only for type push_notification and must be of requested dimensions)
clickUrlForward url when campaign is clicked (for type banner or push_notification)
urlForward url when campaign is clicked (only for type popunder)
titleTitle of the ad (only for type push_notification)
descriptionDescription of the ad (only for type push_notification)
valueBid price in CPM or CPC (float)
imptrackersImpression trackers, optional (only for type push_notification)
btypePricing Model. Values: 1 = CPM, 2 = CPC. Default = 1 (int). When response is for an Email Clicks zone request, 1 = Smart CPC.
bUrlBilling notification URL, it is recommended to use HTTP over HTTPS for bUrl


  • "id" attribute should match the "id" received in the request.

  • Push Notification ad format may receive bids with the CPC pricing model. Direct Link format may also when used for Email Click zone requests.

  • Also, when running Push Notification ads, only one imptracker URL is allowed.

  • bURL is called when impression or click has been delivered, depending on CPM or CPC from btype field (default CPM)

No Bid Response

To answer a bid request without making an actual bid, an HTTP response code 204 "No Content" should be sent.

Add dynamic tokens to your endpoint

In addition to the information you receive through the request, you can also add dynamic tokens to your endpoint. This will allow you to quickly detect the origin of the request when reviewing the requests received.

Here you will find the most common tokens used ExoClick:

  • {site_id}: The ID number of the site where the ad is displayed.

  • {zone_id}: The ID of the ad zone where the ad is displayed.

  • {src_hostname}: The site name that the Publisher submitted for displaying ads, not including the HTTP protocol at the beginning (e.g.

  • {url}: The full URL of the site that the Publisher submitted to the Admin Panel for displaying ads, including the HTTP protocol (e.g. Note: This token will not display the URL where the ad was displayed to the user; only the URL that is registered in our platform.

  • {tags}: The list of keywords that have been identified for that ad impression.

  • {keyword}: The keyword that was matched in case of campaigns targeting specific keywords. This will be empty if there is no match.

  • {language}: The language of the visitor.

  • {&empty=204}: Add it to the endpoint whenever you return a No Bid response.

  • {imp_id}: Add it to receive the impression ID in the endpoint.

If you require other tokens or you need to track additional details, please contact your account manager.


You can find detailed examples from Bid response in our Advertiser Response example page