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ExoClick RTB Bid Request Specifications

This page describes the different components of the RTB requests you will receive in order to bid.

Bid Request Headers

  • ExoClick RTB Version HTTP Header: x-exadsrtb-version: 1.0
  • Keep-Alive HTTP Header: Connection: Keep-Alive
  • Content JSON: Content-Type: application/json
  • Data Encoding Header: Accept-Encoding

Bid Request Object

When requesting bids for a specific context, the platform will perform an HTTP request with a timeout of 300ms. It will send the following object encoded as JSON in the request body as POST:

idUnique bid request ID (string)*
ipIP address of the user (string)*
languageBrowser language using ISO-639-1-alpha-2 (string)*
remote_addrMain IP address of the user (string)
x_forwarded_forX-FORWARDED-FOR IP address of the user or empty if not set (string)
typeRequest type. Can be "banner", "popunder" or "push_notification" (string)*
uaBrowser user agent (string)*
urlFull URL of the page where the ad will be shown (string)*
user_idUnique user ID (string)*
exportResponse type. Can be "json" or "xml" (string)*
keywordkeyword (string)
sizePublisher ad type size (string)**
subThe sub will be an integer number representing the ID of the zone where the request was originated from (not to be confused with the {zone_id} token)

*mandatory fields

**mandatory only for type banner. On Push Notification, it will be assumed 192x192 if empty


You can find a complete list of all the types of requests you can receive in our Advertiser Request example page.