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Why choose ExoClick?

We are ranked the 4th biggest advertising company in the world, with a global presence for your traffic/campaigns!

There are several reasons why to choose ExoClick as your ad network:

For Advertisers:

  • Advanced targeting options to reach specific audiences for your products
  • A day parting facility linked directly to the country(s) you wish to target and the hours to maximize impact
  • Various pricing models to match your budget - run a campaign for as little as 20 EUR/USD
  • Easy to fund your account with an auto-recharge option if you fund with Credit Card.
  • Real-time reporting see your statistics at anytime for an up-to-date assessment of your campaign performance
  • 24/7 assistance and quick campaign approval, start making money now!!

For Publishers:

  • High earnings potential by matching the best performing advertisers to your ad-zones and our own Ad Block solution to keep those revenues flowing!
  • Quality advertising, we stay updated to the latest compliance changes within the industry, to ensure safe/compliant campaigns reach your sites!
  • Multiple advertising formats allowing you to integrate specific ad-zones that fit perfectly with the type of visitors you receive
  • Multiple payment options and frequencies: receive your earnings weekly or monthly!
  • Real-time reporting, see your statistics at anytime for an up-to-date assessment of your site/ad-zones performance
  • 24/7 assistance when you need it!

Sign up now- or contact our Customer Success team (Select New business enquiry) if you have additional questions.

We look forward to working with you!