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Internal Campaigns

This feature is only available to users with SaaS features enabled on their account.

Standard vs internal campaigns

Publishers can create Internal campaigns that run only on their own websites. As a publisher, you can use this feature to run campaigns promoting internal offers or those from a third-party advertiser that you deal with directly.

You do not need to add any funds in order to run internal campaigns. Any revenue generated by these campaigns will show in the Statistics tabs, but you won't receive payment for them.

Creating an internal campaign

As a Publisher, in order to create an internal campaign, follow these steps:

  1. Change to an Advertiser profile using the top-left menu.

Profile Selector

  1. Click on New Campaign. In Step 1 - General of creating a campaign, choose Internal Campaign, then choose the Campaign Type from drop-down:

Campaign Types

If you want to set up a Flood Bid so that only advertiser with a higher bid can buy your traffic, choose Standard.

If you are planning to reserve a specific segment of your traffic to an advertiser of your own, regardless of the bids offered by ExoClick advertisers, then choose Traffic Share or Exclusive, depending on the share of traffic you wish to give to your advertiser.

If you want to add your RTB demand to your own traffic, choose Exchange

  1. Follow the remaining steps as if you were setting up a normal campaign. For more information, please check our advertiser section.

Note: ExoClick minimum prices per category, GEO and device are not applied in internal campaigns.

Statistics for internal campaigns

Publisher Profile: Ad Exchange tab

Standard vs Internal Filter

In the Publisher Statistics tab, the Ad Exchange filter will show you which network is receiving your traffic. If the traffic is going to Internal campaigns, then it will be labeled as Direct Internal.

Remember that the revenue from Direct Internal will not be reflected in your payment.

Advertiser Profile: Standard and Internal filter

Standard vs Internal Filter

In the Advertiser Statistics tab, you can filter by Standard or Internal campaigns using the filter at the top.

Standard campaigns represent the campaigns where you purchased traffic from ExoClick, whereas Internal represents your internal demand.

Remember that the costs from Internal campaigns will not be deducted from your account.