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Conversion Tracking API Overview

The Conversion Tracking API is used to track the conversion of goals such as reaching a landing page, subscription, or sign-up.


The request is an HTTP GET request as follows:{conversion_tracking}&skey=1234567>&cpa=0.1

GoalThe Goal ID as created in the Admin Panel, e.g. 1b9b3786eae526755467c2593d194005.
TagA data object generated by ExoClick and usually replaced in the click URL through the {conversions_tracking} token.
CPA/skey*A numeric value defining the CPA bid at runtime + skey (an account-specific secret key provided by the ExoClick platform).

*only if CPA is enabled


The response will show either as 'OK' or as one of the errors below:

OKThe request is OK.
ERROR: This conversion has already been notified and saved.A conversion goal for this conversion_tracking ID (tag) has already been registered within the last 24 hours.
ERROR: Tag is invalid!The format of the ID (tag) is not correct.
ERROR: No tag data.The tag or conversion_tracking ID is missing.
ERROR: Goal ID is invalid.The format of the Goal ID is not correct. Goal IDs are 32 characters of hexadecimal (0-9, a-f).
ERROR: No Goal ID. The tag or Goal ID is missing.

If the network has CPA enabled, there may also be these additional responses:

ERROR: Price is invalid.The Value of the CPA price parameter is invalid. This should be a value between 0 and 100 (inclusive).
ERROR: Secret key is invalid.The secret key provided is incorrect. Your secret key can be found under Campaigns > Conversion Tracking at the bottom of the screen.

Error Examples

ERROR: Tag is invalid!

ERROR: No tag data.

ERROR: Goal ID is invalid.{conversion_tracking}

ERROR: No Goal ID.{conversion_tracking}