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UnionPay Integration

September 22nd 2022

What’s new?

UnionPay Card Payment

ExoClick is delighted to announce that we are now supporting the UnionPay card payment option for advertisers. Advertisers who use credit and debit card payments now also have this new option to add funds to their accounts.

What can this new feature do for me?

With an acceptance network of over 181 countries and regions, UnionPay is a natural addition to ExoClick's already comprehensive list of payment methods.

Advertisers will be able to make payments using their UnionPay cards through an easy, secure and seamless check-out process.


When UnionPay is enabled as a payment method, Advertisers will see a card payment icon in their Payments page.

  • Advertisers can simply select an amount to recharge their account with and click PAY NOW.
  • From there, they will be redirected to the UnionPay interface to complete their checkout process securely.
  • Once the transaction is successful, Advertisers will be able to return to the Admin Panel. An invoice will be added to their payment history and their account wil be recharged with the amount requested.
  • This feature is only available to Advertisers from China.