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Smart Bid

17th April 2023

What’s new?

ExoClick has just launched a new pricing model: Smart Bid. With this pricing model, the system will adjust the price for each segment of traffic received in the campaign based on the likelihood of conversion of such segment. Smart Bid can be enabled in both old and new campaigns.

Smart Bid Settings

What can this new feature do for me?

This feature will save Advertiser's time in optimizing campaigns, since the system's machine learning will determine the price to be used in the campaign based on the Cost per Acquisition or Return On Ad Spend of the desired Conversion Goal. This price model also lets advertisers choose the level of optimization to be applied in the campaign, that is, whether to let the campaign test all segments regardless of the profitability (Maximize Volume) or to narrow the target only to those segments with conversion information (Maximize CPA/ROAS).

All these settings are fully compatible with the current campaign settings except Bidder.

Find out more

You will find a detailed explanation of Smart Bid's features in our Pricing & Limits as well as in our specific Smart Bid FAQ page.

You can also find some tips on how to use Smart Bid for best results in our official blog post and in our Smart Bid Webinar.