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Save Cards for Card Payments

December 9th 2021

What’s new?

Card Payment

Exoclick is proud to announce a feature where Advertisers can save their Credit/Debit card information for ease of use on subsequent transactions. Allowing them to add funds quicker the next time around. All card information is encrypted.

What can this new feature do for me?

When an Advertiser adds funds to their account using a card payment, they can choose to save that card for faster subsequent transactions. Once the transaction is successful, that card's detail will be saved and securely encrypted for their next purchase.


  • If the Advertiser has opted to save a card and the transaction fails, the card will not be saved for the next purchase.


  • With card payments, we allow Advertisers to save cards on their accounts for both Manual and Automatic payments.
  • The card payment needs to be successful for the card to be saved.
  • Once a card or many cards are saved and an Advertiser tries to make a payment, they will be shown a list of those previously saved cards and ordered by the most recent card used.
  • Advertisers can delete a saved card at any time.