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RTB Wins Notice

What’s new?

RTB Wins Notice

We have added Win Notification URLs to OpenRTB and ExoClick RTB Templates for RTB Publishers. Responses to bid requests on these zones will now contain these URLs, which will be called when there is a win.

What can this new feature do for me?

This feature allows us to track wins better on OpenRTB and ExoClick RTB ad zones, allowing us to monitor discrepancies between wins and impressions delivered.


  • When an ad zone uses OpenRTB or ExoClick RTB, the response to a bid request on this zone will now contain a win notice URL.
  • When a campaign wins the auction, the RTB partner will perform an http call to this URL to notify us about the win.

Note: We do not always receive win notifications correctly for various reasons: They may fail due to network or server issues. There is no 'retry' functionality and we do not currently track if win notifications are received properly or not.

  • Find out more about OpenRTB responses here.
  • Find out more about ExoClick RTB responses here.