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RTB Direct Link

August 8th 2019

What’s new?

There is a new format available for RTB Publishers called Direct Link. The Direct Link format can be used by our partners to sell us their direct link traffic.

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What can this new feature do for me?

As an RTB Publisher, this feature allows you to use the Direct Link ad format when requesting bids for your ad spots.


  • When creating a new ad zone, in the New Zone screen, in the RTB section, you can now choose the ad format RTB Direct Links Supply.

  • As with any RTB ad format, you must enter a Name, Category, Subcategory and choice of RTB Template to use.

  • Once you click create, you will be provided with the Zone HTML Tag, which you can then use to send RTB bid requests to our network.

Demo video

Please view the video to see a demonstration of these changes.