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New Push Notifications Format

May 12th 2020

What’s new?

push notifications

We have added a new ad format for push notifications called Push Notifications 720 x 480, which allows users to upload one 720 x 480 image to use for both the icon and the main image. We have also added Carrier and IP Ranges targeting options for this ad format.

What can this new feature do for me?

This feature makes it possible for a single 720 x 480 image to display correctly for both the icon and main image of push notification ads where the device supports it. It also allows Advertisers to target/de-target their push notification campaigns by Carrier and IP Range.



As an Advertiser, when creating a campaign:

  • The new format will be available as Push Notifications 720 x 480:

    • You now upload one image in the 720 x 480 format, and it will be used for both the icon and the main image where the device supports it.
  • Older push notification campaigns will now be in the format Push Notifications (Deprecated):

    • You will not be able to edit, or restore Push Notifications (Deprecated) campaigns. If they are paused, you will not be able to play them either.
    • These older campaigns will continue to run and receive traffic, until you update them.
  • In Step 3: Targeting of creating a campaign, you will see the options Carrier and IP Range added to the list.


push Notifications

As a Publisher, you will need to update the worker.js file, which is available in the code snippet after you create a push notification ad zone.