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Improved Device and OS detection

August 14th 2019

What’s new?

We have streamlined the list of devices and operating systems available when targeting campaigns and viewing statistics. We have also ensured that targeting of operating systems and devices and associated statistics will work more efficiently in future.


What can this new feature do for me?

As an Advertiser, this improvement will help ensure that you are correctly targeting devices and operating systems with your campaigns. It also ensures that both Advertisers and Publishers see more useful statistics in the Devices and OS sub-tabs of their Statistics tab.

Details Overview

As an Advertiser, you will see these changes in Operating Systems and Devices in Step 2: Targeting & Advanced of creating a campaign, and in the Statistics tab. As a Publisher, the same changes will be visible in the Statistics tab.

OS: Two operating systems have been removed altogether, two have been added, and the various OS versions of Playstation, Nintendo, Blackberry and Nokia/Symbian have been consolidated into one for each.

Devices: A Smartwatch option has been added and the -TV and -Tablet endings taken off some options for clarity.

OS changes details


  • KaiOS
  • Roku OS


  • Google Wireless Transcoder
  • MAUI Runtime


  • Playstation options consolidated as Playstation OS.
  • Nintendo options consolidated as Nintendo OS.
  • BlackBerry options consolidated as Blackberry OS.
  • Nokia/Symbian options consolidated as Nokia/Symbian.


  • Mac is now MacOS.
  • Java ME is now JavaOS.

Device changes details


  • Smartwatch


  • Desktop has been renamed Generic.
  • Samsung Smart TV has been renamed Samsung.
  • BlackBerry PlayBook has been renamed Blackberry.
  • Sony Bravia has been renamed Sony.
  • Google TV, Apple TV, Phillips TV and LG TV have been renamed Google, Apple, Phillips, and LG.
  • HP Tablets, Dell Tablets, Huawei Tablets, Motorola Tablets, Sony Tablets, and Samsung Tablets have been renamed HP, Dell, Huawei, Motorola, Sony, and Samsung.


  • If a campaign targets several OSs or devices, but one of them has been removed, that campaign will continue to run without targeting the old OS or device. This also applies if a campaign targets an OS that has been consolidated, such as Playstation 3.

  • If a campaign targets only OSs that have been removed, the campaign will be deactivated, This also applies if the campaign only targets an OS/device that has been consolidated.

Demo Video

Please view the video to see a demonstration of these changes.