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Mobile Fullpage Interstitial

February 17th 2020

What’s new?

Mobile Fullpage Interstitial

We have created a new ad format called Mobile Fullpage Interstitial which shows a 900 x 1600 banner overlay on vertical mobile screens. This banner leads to a destination URL, and has a Close button on the top right.

What can this new feature do for me?

For Advertisers this ad format is high impact:

  • It covers the whole screen and gives a high CTR and viewability.
  • It provides a simple 900 x 1600 image or video banner.
  • Available at the same minimum price as popunders.

For Publishers, this ad format will reach the 95% of users that are viewing in vertical position, is secure and generates high revenue:

  • Its expected eCPM is comparable to popunder.
  • It is fully covered with a 100% fill rate.


  • This ad format shows as a fully responsive page overlay which takes 100% of the width and height of Vertical mobile screens. It is a 900 x 1600 banner which leads to a destination URL.

  • There is a small padding so that the Publisher’s site is still visible underneath.

  • It is preloaded and triggered when the user clicks on a link in the Publisher’s site and an impression is registered.

  • There is a Close button on the top right, if the user clicks on the Close button, they are redirected to the URL of the original click, in the original tab.

  • It will only show if there is an ad available.

  • Conversion tracking and retargeting will work as normal.

Note: Selected Advertisers can use an iFrame for this ad format. When using an iFrame, this ad can show in horizontal mode.

Requirements for Mobile Fullpage Interstitial ads

  • Images must be no more than 150 KB and be in the format 900 x 1600.
  • Videos must also be in the format 900 x 1600.
  • Images and iFrames must follow the same rules as banners for Google Compliance and iFrames must have a clean history.
  • iFrames must be responsive for the mobile aspect ratio 900 x 1600.
  • There must be no misleading elements in the ad.

Setting up a Mobile Fullpage Interstitial ad campaign

  • In Step 1: General of creating a campaign, select Mobile Fullpage Interstitial from the Ad Format drop-down.

  • In Step 2: Ads select 900 x 1600 banner images or videos to use in the ad variations.

  • If enabled, you can choose iFrame URL to paste in a URL to show in the ad instead of an image or video.

Setting up a Mobile Fullpage Interstitial ad zone

  • After clicking New Zones in the Sites & Zones tab, expand the Mobile category, and select Mobile Fullpage Interstitial.

  • Fill in the details for the zone in a similar way to a popunder ad.