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Heavy Banner Limits

Coming Soon: This update will be live next week, and may require some action from Advertisers before it is live: See Details and actions required below.

May 28th 2020

What’s new?

heavy label

Banners above 150Kb will now be labelled as Heavy Banner in the Media Library tab, in preparation for a future limit of 150k on all banners.

What can this new feature do for me?

This feature will help to ensure that Advertiser's campaigns display efficiently on Publisher's sites.

Details and actions required

heavy label media library

This update will proceed as follows, and requires action from Advertisers:

  • From now on, any banners above 150Kb will be labelled Heavy Banner.

Action Required:

  • Advertisers will be given a period to review banners larger than 150Kb: and either reduce their size below 150Kb or remove them altogether. To find these Heavy Banners:

    • Go to the Media library tab, click on +Ad Filter, select With Labels, and select Heavy Banner.

  • After this period is over, any assets still labelled as Heavy Banner will be rejected, and we will remove the Heavy Banners label.
  • From that point on, the system will no longer accept banners above 150Kb.

Note: These changes will not apply to the Mobile Fullpage Interstitial format (900x1600).