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Drag, Drop and Expand Dashboards

July 26th 2022

What’s new?

ExoClick users will now be able to drag, drop or expand any widget within any of their Dashboards. This new feature will allow the customisation of Dashboards in a matter of seconds. By easily changing the position of widgets or expanding them, advertisers and publishers can ensure that their Dashboards are highlighting the relevant data in the best way possible.

What can this new feature do for me?

This new feature will help users to organize, present and analyze the data generated through ExoClick in a more effective way. Using the drag and drop functions, you will be able to rearrange all the widgets within your Dashboard in the way that best suits your analysis requirements. The expand function will allow you to increase the size of your chosen widgets and capture more of the data that is important for your business.


In the Dashboard tab, when you hover over a Widget, you will see:

Expand Dashboard Widgets

  • The four corners are highlighted with expand icons.
  • The cursor changes to a four headed cursor anywhere on the widget where it can be expanded along any of it's four sides.
  • The cursor changes to a two headed cursor when hovered over the top/bottom or right/left borders of the widget respectively.
  • Using your cursor you will be able to use the new features as you require.

Drag and Drop Dashboard Widgets

  • Using the cursor, you can change the position of any widget by dragging and dropping them from one place to another.
  • A grid is shown in dotted lines in the background while moving a widget which acts as a template for you to know which spot is available.


  • The maximum number of widgets in any dashboard is 9.
  • The maximum size of an expanded widget is 2x2.
  • While resizing or drag and drop of a widget the neighboring widgets will automatically adjust/move to the next available space.