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Desktop Fullpage Interstitial

July 7th 2020

What’s new?

Desktop Fullpage Interstitial

We have created a new ad format called Desktop Fullpage Interstitial which shows a 1600 x 900 banner overlay on landscape orientated screens. This banner leads to a destination URL, and has a Close button on the top right.

What can this new feature do for me?

For Advertisers this ad format is high impact:

  • It covers the whole screen and gives a high CTR and viewability.
  • It provides a simple 1600 x 900 image or video banner.
  • Available at the same minimum price as popunders.

For Publishers, this ad format will reach the users that are viewing in landscape position, is secure and generates high revenue:

  • Its expected eCPM is comparable to popunder.
  • It is fully covered with a 100% fill rate.


Desktop Fullpage Interstitial

  • This ad format shows as a fully responsive page overlay which takes 100% of the width and height of Landscape desktop screens. It is a 1600 x 900 banner which leads to a destination URL.

  • There is a small padding so that the Publisher’s site is still visible underneath.

  • It is preloaded and triggered when the user clicks on a link in the Publisher’s site and an impression is registered.

  • There is a Close button on the top right, if the user clicks on the Close button, they are redirected to the URL of the original click, in the original tab.

  • It will only show if there is an ad available.

  • Conversion tracking and retargeting will work as normal.

  • You can choose how often the ad zone shows based on Time or Clicks:

    • If you choose Time, you can set how many times per minute/hour the ad can show.
    • if you choose Clicks, you can set how many clicks cause the ad to appear for the first time, and how many cause it to appear after that.

Note: Selected Advertisers can use an iFrame for this ad format. If using an iFrame, your site must not have the X-Frame-Options field set to SAMEORIGIN.

Requirements for Desktop Fullpage Interstitial ads

  • Images must be no more than 300 KB and be in the format 1600 x 900.
  • Videos must also be in the format 1600 x 900.
  • Images and iFrames must follow the same rules as banners for Google Compliance and iFrames must have a clean history.
  • iFrames must be responsive for the aspect ratio 1600 x 900.
  • There must be no misleading elements in the ad.

Setting up a Desktop Fullpage Interstitial ad campaign

  • In Step 1: General of creating a campaign, select Desktop Fullpage Interstitial from the Ad Format drop-down.

  • In Step 2: Ads select 1600 x 900 banner images or videos to use in the ad variations.

  • If enabled, you can choose iFrame URL to paste in a URL to show in the ad instead of an image or video.

Setting up a Desktop Fullpage Interstitial ad zone

  • After clicking New Zones in the Sites & Zones tab, select Desktop Fullpage Interstitial.

  • Fill in the details for the zone in a similar way to a popunder ad.

  • in the Frequency section, choose how often this ad type can display:

    • If you choose Time, you can set how often the ad appears when a user is browsing the site. Simply set the number of times it shows per minute or hour, by entering two numbers and choosing Hours or Minutes from the drop-down.

    • If you choose Clicks, you can set how many clicks it takes to show the ad for the first time, and how many clicks will make it appear every time after that.

Demo Video