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New Dashboard Dimensions

Jun 23rd 2020

What’s new?


We have added a whole new range of dimensions to the customizable Dashboard, which Advertisers and Publishers can use to create versatile charts and tables.

Advertisers can now choose from the following dimensions:

  • Ad Format / Zone Types
  • Browsers
  • Campaigns
  • Carriers
  • Categories
  • Countries
  • Devices: Devices and Device Types
  • Operating Systems

While Publishers can choose from:

  • Ad Block
  • Ad Exchange
  • Browsers
  • Carriers
  • Categories
  • Countries
  • Devices: Device Types
  • Sites / Zones
  • Sub IDs
  • Zone Types

What can this new feature do for me?

This feature will enable both Advertisers and publishers maximum flexibility when setting up their custom dashboards, allowing them to get at-a-glance insights into almost any aspect of their data.


As an Advertiser or Publisher, on the Dashboard tab, click on the settings icon on the top right of any of the panels.

Select Chart and then Pie, or Table.

In the Dimensions drop-down you will now see a much wider range of dimensions. You can choose to use any of these dimensions in your pie charts or tables.