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Creatives Optimization

March 27th 2020

What’s new?

We have improved the optimization of the creatives that users upload to our system, by converting PNG files to JPEG and using MP4s to replace animated GIFs for some ad zones.

What can this new feature do for me?

This feature ensures the most efficient use of available resources when delivering creatives. As Google rankings are influenced by the loading speed of sites, this feature also ensures that rankings are not lowered by inefficient creatives.


  • PNG files will be converted to JPEG when uploaded.

  • Previously uploaded PNG files will be converted to JPEG also.

  • An MP4 version of animated GIFs will be created and used for ad zones that allow it, if enabled for that network. The following ad zones will give preference to the MP4:

    • Banner
    • In-Video Banner (JavaScript)
    • Mobile Banner
    • Mobile Interstitial Banner
    • Sticky Banner
    • Web Instant Message

Note: Both PNGs and GIFs will only be converted if the optimization will result in a smaller filesize.

Note: Banners containing GIFs converted to MP4 will still function as normal banners, not video banners.