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New Distribution Algorithms

August 12th 2019

What’s new?

It is now possible for Advertisers to choose between three algorithms to distribute traffic between their campaign variations: Even, Automatic on CTR and Automatic on Conversion Tracking.


What can this new feature do for me?

As an Advertiser, this feature allows you to direct traffic more efficiently to the variations in your campaigns.


In the Campaigns List tab, when you have multiple variations of a campaign, you can now choose the Distribution Algorithm that distributes traffic between the variations.

To the top right of the variations list, you will see the Distribution Algorithm drop-down menu.

Note: You can only select the distribution algorithm for campaigns that use CPM and Smart CPM. For other pricing models this option will not be available.

There are three algorithms that you can choose from:

  • Even: Variations that have the same CPM will have traffic evenly distributed between them.

  • Automatic CTR (Default): Traffic will be distributed between the variations based on their CTR.

  • Automatic on Conversion Rate: The Advertiser chooses a conversion tracking goal. The variation with the highest conversion rate for that goal will get more traffic.

Traffic distribution for automatic optimization

When either type of automatic optimization is used, we use an 80-20 breakdown to distribute traffic:

  • If there are only normal variations in the campaign, the winning variation will get 80 percent, and the remaining 20 per cent will be distributed among the other variations using the 80-20 breakdown: The second best variation will get 80 percent, and the remaining traffic will get 20 percent, and so on.

  • If there are variations to be tested, the winning variation will get 80 percent, and the remaining 20 percent will be broken down into 10 percent for normal variations and 10 percent for variations being tested.

Demo Video

Please view the video to see a demonstration of these changes.