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Conversion Count and Tracking Window

5th July 2023

What’s new?

ExoClick has just launched a new functionality that allows advertisers to select how they want to have their conversions counted and the time frame during which conversions will be tracked.

What can this new feature do for me?

This feature will help Advertisers get a better understanding of their campaign performance. Advertisers will be able to decide if they want to count one conversion per ad click or every conversion per ad click, and how long after an ad click conversions will be tracked for.



When creating a new Conversion Goal, Advertisers will have to fill in two new fields:

  • “Count” - where Advertisers can select One Conversion or Every Conversion.
  • “Conversion Window - where from a dropdown menu, Advertisers can select a value between 12h and 90 days, or create a custom value.