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Bidder Improvements for Targeting Zones

August 30th 2022

What’s new?


ExoClick is pleased to announce the launch of a highly anticipated functionality for Advertisers when creating their campaigns. This new feature allows you to target or block zones manually, while the Bidder is enabled to optimize your spend.

What can this new feature do for me?

If an advertiser decides that they want to block an ad zone for a campaign without letting the Bidder check if the ad zone is under performing first, they can do so, by clicking on Step 5 in campaign creation. That is, with this added functionality, along with having the bidder enabled that will automatically optimize zones for you, you can also manually target or block zones as you wish.


Note: If enabled, the Bidder’s algorithm will monitor all the targeted zones of a campaign and will block the ones that are under performing to maximize the advertiser’s budget.

You can find out more about Bidder feature here.