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Auto Recharge

November 22 2022

What’s new?

Card Payment

Both the standard Debit/Card and the alternative Debit/Card payment options we offer in the Admin Panel now allow auto-recharge options.

What can this new feature do for me?

When an Advertiser enables Auto-recharge, their card will get charged and their account will be funded automatically when the balance on that account goes below a certain amount.


  • With the Debit/Credit card payment method, we allow Advertisers to recharge their accounts Manually and Automatically.
  • Once Auto Recharge is enabled, the Advertiser's card will be charged every time their balance goes below 10% of the original fund amount. So for example if an Auto Recharge is set up for €500, the Advertiser's account will initially be topped up with €500. Then when the Advertiser's funds go below €50, the account is topped up with another €500. This cycle will repeat until the Auto Recharge is disabled by the Advertiser.
  • The card payment needs to be successful when enabling Auto Recharge for this option to work seamlessly.
  • Advertisers can disable the Auto Recharge option if not required and at any time.

Note: Auto Recharge can be enabled only with one type of payment method at any given point in time.