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In-Page Push Notifications Format

August 30th 2021

What’s new?

In-Page Push Notifications

We have just released a new ad format called In-Page Push Notifications. This ad format serves Push Notifications directly on the publisher’s website without the need for the user to subscribe to them.

What can this new feature do for me?

In-Page Push Notifications work on all desktop, mobile and iOS devices, and appear automatically within a page to a much broader audience than traditional Push Notifications. They contain a small image on the left side, and a title and description on the right and are just as user-friendly as classic push notifications. The format also allows Advertisers to target their In-Page Push Notification campaigns using Keywords and Behavioural retargeting.



In-Page Push Notifications

As an Advertiser, when creating a campaign:

  • The user can select Push Notifications - 192x192 or Push Notifications - 720x480 from the Ad format dropdown.
  • Now the user can select two new options on Zone Types
    • In-page Push Notifications.
    • RTB In-Page Push Notifications.
  • All campaigns that target the entire Push Notifications ad format will automatically run on these new zone types.
  • In Step 3: Targeting of creating a campaign, you will see the options Keywords and Behavioural retargeting added to the list, in addition to the existing targeting options for Push Notifications campaigns.


In-Page Push Notifications

  • To create an In-Page Push Notifications ad zone, in the Sites & Zones tab, click New Zone, expand the Push Notifications section, and select In-Page Push Notifications.
  • The Publisher can set the maximum number of notifications up to 2, with a time delay between first and second notification.
  • The Publisher can choose how long to hide the ad for once it has been closed.
  • Publishers can set a limit on how many times the ad is shown in a single session through the User Session Capping menu.