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Cryptocurrency Payment

November 3rd 2021

What’s new?

We have just integrated with a new payment provider called Circle. This will extend the existing “Cryptocurrency” payment method and allow it to be configured with Circle as a payment gateway for payouts to Publishers. This allows your Publishers to get paid in USDC cryptocoins and any other cryptocurrency relevant for their wallet.

Note: Currently we support Cryptocurrency payments only through the ERC20 network and only in USDC currency. Please make sure your wallet can receive payments in this network and currency.

Country limitations

  • We have some country restrictions in place with this payment method in order to be compliant with anti-money laundering and screening regulations across geographies.

  • This payment is not available if the users account is from the following forbidden countries.

    • Afghanistan

    • Congo (the Democratic Republic of the) COD

    • Central African Republic (the) CAF

    • Guinea-Bissau

    • Iraq

    • Iran

    • Korea (the Democratic People's Republic of)

    • Libya

    • Mali

    • Sudan

    • Somalia

    • Syrian Arab Republic

    • Ukraine

    • Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)

    • Yemen

    • Cuba

    • Macedonia

    • Algeria

    • Bolivia

    • Cambodia

Enabling Cryptocurrency for your Ad Server

Cryptocurrency is not enabled by default for your Ad Server. Please contact your ExoClick representative to find out more about how you can enable this payment method.

Publishers Payouts

Circle Payment

  • Once enabled for your Ad Server, the Publisher can set up Cryptocurrency as a payment method on their Account Profile under Payment Settings.
  • Under Payment Settings they will need to add
    • Their wallet address
    • Set the minimum threshold for payouts
    • Select how often they would like to be paid - weekly or monthly.